aplica Level Plus

Fast self-levelling cement mortar for interior or exterior screeds or flooring repairs that will be recovered later. (ceramics, natural stone, parquet, carpet, synthetic flooring etc.)
• Easy application due to its great fluidity.
• Quick hardening.
• High adhesion.
• Suitable for applications by pump or pouring. Mortero clasificado como: CT-C35-F7-RWA 20 - B2,0

aplica Level Plus
Instructions for use

1 .Gradually add the mortar to the water (3.25 litres per of 25 Take care not to use excess water.
2. Mix for 3 minutes at low revolutions with clean water until you have smooth and homogeneous paste.
3. Leave it to stand for about 2 minutes and then mix again briefly.
4. Pour the product onto the base with the help of a trowel or squeegee.

Preacutions and recommendations

• Do not apply the product at temperatures below 5 °C or above 35 °C.
• Use the correct amount of water.
• This product is ready to mix with water, do not add any type of additive that may alter its properties.
• It is compatible with the adhesives usually used for this type of floor covering.
• If the base is susceptible to high water absorption, the APLICA LEVEL PRIMER must first be applied.
• Do not use on external pavings or on bases that are subject to constant humidity.
• Do not apply to metal surfaces.
• Do not apply directly to anhydrite floors.
• Do not apply on bases that are subject to bending. • When installing parquet flooring, use a minimum thickness of 10 mm.
• When installing light paving/tiling,,sanding is recommended.
• As a cement product, we recommend the use rubber gloves.
• Tools must be cleaned with water immediately after use, as if the material hardens it can only be removed mechanically.

Technical features


aplica Level Plus comes in 25 kg paper sacks with a 25 kg moisture-proof plastic sheet in shrink pallets of 1600 kg (64 sacks). Useful life: 9 months from the manufacturing date of the product stored in suitable temperature and humidity conditions.


• Bases must be free of dust, oils, greases, paints and plaster residues.
• Bases must be prepared in such a way that they have porous surfaces.
• Fill any holes the day before using products from the aplicaTec repair range.
• Absorbent bases should be moistened first to avoid inundations.


• On floor screeds from 10mm to 35mm.
• In applications requiring resistance to rolling or with later
• Suitable for floors where radiant heating is indicated. • For indoor and outdoor application.
• Manual application or with pump


The usage recommendations are based on our knowledge and experience. The technical data were obtained under normal laboratory conditions, varying according to the conditions employed. Since the application conditions are not controllable by us, the information on this sheet does not imply any liability on the part of the company.


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