aplicaCer Color Epoxi E 2.5K


Available in grey, white, silver and ivory. Used to seal ceramic floor and wall tiles, bricks, slabs and mosaics. Used to glue glass and porcelain mosaic tiles onto floors and walls. Resistant to chemical products.

  • Very strong.
  • Easy to apply between joints.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • For 2-15 mm joints.
aplicaCer Color Epoxi E 2.5K
aplicaCer Color Epoxi E 2.5K
Instructions for use
    1. The base paste and the hardener come in containers which contain the correct proportions in accordance with the required amounts of each. Mix mechanically with a suitable stirring device (e.g. a spiral stirrer) until you obtain a smooth, lump-free paste. aplica Junta Epoxi can be used at temperatures of between 18 – 20º C for up to 80 minutes. At lower temperatures, the open application time is longer, and at higher temperatures it is shorter.
    2. Apply aplica Junta Epoxi  in dry joints using an spatula or a plastic or rubber trowel. Remove any excess paste to leave a clean finishing. Any excess paste should be removed with water and a scouring pad or hard sponge, always within the open application time of approx. 80 minutes. This paste should then be collected carefully using a soft sponge. This also helps to smooth out the joint. Avoid accumulation of residual membranes on top of wall or floor tiles.
    3. To prevent the reduction of the open application time due to spontaneous heating, we recommend applying aplica Junta Epoxi  on the surface immediately after the mortar has been mixed. If you have any doubts, apply first in a small test area.
Warnings and recommendations
  • Structured floor, wall tiles and those with porous surfaces may become covered in a residual membrane after the joints have been sealed.
  • Carry out a test in an area which is not easily visible and remember the warnings provided by the manufacturers.
  • Excess material should not be cleaned up with hot water.
  • Do not use diluents, solvents or water to adjust the consistency of the mortar. aplica Junta Epoxi t should not be used at temperatures below 10º C or above 30º C.
  • All work tools should be washed with water and a brush before the mortar is hardened.
  • May cause eye and skin irritation.
  • Can cause an allergic reaction.
  • Harmful if ingested.
  • Can cause cauterisation if allowed to act for a prolonged period of time.
  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
  • If the product comes into contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and consult a doctor.
  • Wear protective gloves and glasses when mixing this product.
  • Work clothing must be kept clean. Change your clothes when they become dirty.
Technical Features


Once it has hardened, aplica Junta Epoxi  is resistant to salty water and bleach, as well as to a series of other diluted products, acids, organic liquids and mineral compounds. For resistance to chemical products, see Technical Features. For special uses, please contact us. This smooth, airtight, single-colour sealant keeps out dirt and is resistant to domestic detergents or swimming pool detergents.

White aplica Epoxy Joint can sometimes become a yellow colour. If the product comes into contact with substances which can stain, e.g. coffee, tea, fruit juices or others, aplica cannot guarantee that this product will not change colour. Resistance to chemical products is achieved approximately 7 days after application (18ºC – 20ºC).

Resistance to chemical substances, according to aplica’s quality controls:

Resistant to: Waste water*, Concentrated ammonia, Saturated calcium hydroxide, 5% chromic acid, Photo developing fluid, Ethylene glycol, Faecal matter, Photo fixing fluid, 1% Hydrofluoric acid. 3% Formalin solution, Glycerine, Domestic detergents, Fuel oil, Saturated caustic potash, automobile petrol, Sea water, 10% Lactic acid, Swamp water, Saturated caustic soda, Vegetable fats, <50% Phosphoric acid, <10% Nitric acid, <36% Hydrochloric acid, <80% Sulphuric acid, Brackish water, animal fats, <10% Hydrogen peroxide, Saturated tartaric acid, Saturated citric acid, Sugar solution.

Resistant, after a short period of time, to: 1% Formic acid, 5% Acetic acid, Concentrated ethylic acid, 5% Hydrofluoric acid, <50% Methyl alcohol, 20% Lactic acid, <40% Nitric acid.

Unstable upon contact with: Acetone, 3% Formic acid, Butanone (methyl ethyl ketone), Chloroform, >10% Acetic acid, Ethylic acid, >5% Hydrofluoric acid, Methylene chloride, >20% Lactic acid, Concentrated nitric acid.

*In the case of industrial waste water, suitability of the product should be tested for each individual case. GISCODE RE 1 = free from solvents.


Epoxy resin-based two-component sealing mortar, made of a resin and a hardener. The 4 kg format comes as 3 kg of resin paste and 1 kg of hardening paste. Once it has hardened, aplica Junta Epoxi  is waterproof, frostproof and weatherproof. It is exceptionally robust with a high adhesive bond for use along the edge of tiles.

Load-bearing capacity

It is possible to walk on aplica Junta Epoxi 12 hours after it has hardened (18?C – 20?C). It can bear mechanical loads 24 hours after application.

Use as an adhesive
  • aplica Junta Epoxi , a joint-sealing mortar, can also be used to lay glass or porcelain mosaic tiles on walls or floors, and to tile floors with ceramic tiles, etc.
  • As the product has a fine consistency, it cannot be used to tile walls (stability).
  • When used as an adhesive, aplica Junta Epoxi  adheres to the standards set out in standard UNE-EN 12004 R2 Class.

For indoor and outdoor use. On walls and floors. To seal joints between floor and wall tiles, slabs, bricks and mosaic tiles which need to withstand special conditions that normal cement-based mortars cannot withstand or in which they become unstable e.g. slaughterhouses, dairy factories, industrial kitchens, breweries, premises with water tanks, swimming pools and spas, showers, baths, shops, sports or leisure facilities, and other areas where there are highpressure mechanical or chemical loads.

For 2 – 15 mm joints.

Colour Range


The recommendations for use are based on our own knowledge and experience. The technical data provided have been obtained under normal laboratory conditions, and may therefore vary according to the environmental conditions in the place where the product is used. As the application conditions are beyond our control, the information provided here does not imply that the company accepts responsibility for any variations.


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