aplicaCer Plaster Special CE


Cement-based adhesive for laying indoor tiles of medium/high absorption on plaster surfaces.
White cement-based adhesive, classified as an adhesive for indoor use according to Standard UNE-EN 12004. Specially developed to withstand chemical aggression undergone on plaster or anhydrite surfaces and to counteract expansive effects.

aplicaCer Especial Yeso Blanco CE
aplicaCer Especial Yeso Blanco CE
Instructions for use

    1. Add water and mix by hand or mechanically until you obtain a smooth paste of a workable consistency.
    2. Leave the paste to stand for 5 minutes and mix again before applying..
    3. Spread the paste on the surface in sections of a surface area no larger than 2 m², combing with a suitable trowel. If double gluing is required, spread the mixture over the back of the tile as well.
    4. Put the ceramic tiles on top of the freshly-laid adhesive, pressing lightly to ensure that the whole tile surface comes into contact with the adhesive, filling any grooves.
    5. Leave a joint of a width of at least 1.5 mm between indoor tiles. Wait 24 hours before grouting wall tiles and 48 hours before grouting floor tiles.
    6. Respect all perimeter and structural joints. Place one partition joint every 50 m² on indoor floors.
Warnings and recommendations
  • For formats larger than 45 x 45 cm, use aplicaCer Capagruesa Extra.
  • Do not apply when frost or rain are forecasted, or at temperatures below 5 ºC or above 35 ºC.
  • Do not apply in areas where there is a risk of standing water.
  • In extreme weather conditions (wind or high temperatures), the product will dry more quickly than usual. This will result in a shorter open time.
  • In high temperatures, windy conditions or if the application surface is very absorbent, it is advisable to moisten the surface and wait for the film of water to disappear before applying the product.
  • Check, periodically, that a surface film has not formed on the adhesive paste once it has been spread onto the surface. If a film has formed, remove the product and apply a fresh coat.
  • Check that the paste is sticky enough by periodically lifting one of the tiles already in place to ensure that it is well stuck down.
  • Use within 1 year of date of packaging.
  • Store the product in its original packaging in a dry, covered place protected from humidity.
Technical features

Available formats

aplicaCer Especial Yeso CE is available in 25 kg paper sacks with moisture-proof plastic lining, dispatched on shrink-wrapped pallets weighing a total of 1.600 kg (64 sacks).

Application surfaces
  • Plaster, conventional surfaces, cement-based mortar floors and finishes.
  • The application surface must be hard, perfectly set and free from dust, paint, oil, etc.
  • Tiling indoor floors and finishes using ceramic tiles of medium/high porosity (> 3%).
  • A double glue technique should be used for tiles larger than 30 cm x 30 cm.

The recommendations for use are based on our own knowledge and experience. The technical data provided have been obtained under normal laboratory conditions, and may therefore vary according to the environmental conditions in the place where the product is used. As the application conditions are beyond our control, the information provided here does not imply that the company accepts responsibility for any variations.


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