aplicaCer Super Flex Premium C2TE S2

Adhesive for ceramic pieces, stoneware, porcelain stoneware, marble, vitreous mosaic, or similar in small or large format without absorption and with mesh coating on the inside.
In its development, a mixed system of binders has been used, with high-purity cements and high initial resistance together with a high dosage of polymers, which give it maximum deformability and adherence capacity in different situations. High fineness aggregates, controlled granulometry and additives give the material a great thixotropy and plasticity that facilitates application and increases laying performance. For interior and exterior use C2TE S2 according to UNE EN 1 2004. Product recommended for laying DEKTON and SILESTONE tiles.

aplicaCer Super Flex Premium C2TE S2
How to use

    1. Knead with 7.25-7.60 l of clean water with an electric- mixer at low revolutions until obtaining a homogeneous mass without lumps and with the desired consistency.
    2. Let the dough rest for 5 minutes and re-knead before applying.
    3. Spread the paste on the support in sections not - exceeding 2 m2, combing with a suitable notched trowel.
    - In formats larger than 40x40 and on the façade, double
    gluing is always necessary.
    4. Place the ceramic pieces on the fresh product, gently- pressing them to achieve complete contact over the entire surface, flattening the grooves.
    5. Leave a joint of at least 1.5 mm inside and 5 mm outside. Wait 24 hours. for grouting tiles and 48 h. for soled.
    6. Respect perimeter and structural joints. Leave partitio-n joints every 50 m2 on interior floors and 30 m2
    on exteriors.

Precautions and recommendations

• Do not apply the product at temperatures below 5°C or above 35°C. Do not apply on plaster, metal, plastic or wood surfaces.
• Periodically check that a superficial film has not formed on the spread adhesive, in which case it is necessary to remove it and reapply a new product. Check the stickiness of the paste by periodically lifting a tile placed and checking that it is
well adhered.
• It is a product ready to mix with water, do not add any type
of additive that alters its properties without the manufacturer's
• On vertical walls and 60x40 cm formats and/or heavy weights
of 40 kg/m2, use mechanical anchoring.
• Use it within 1 year from its date of packaging and store in a
covered and dry place in its original sealed container away from
• Its use is not recommended when a quick commissioning is
necessary. On pavements it is passable for light traffic after
approximately 24 hours, depending on weather conditions.
• Due to the fact that the open time of the product is very long, it is recommended to check its suitability in the case of natural
stone with high absorption.
the pieces


aplicaCer Súper Flex Premium C2TE S2 is presented in 25 kg paper bags with anti-moisture plastic lining, shipped on 1,000 kg shrink-wrapped pallets (40 bags).

  • Concrete and mortar floors, hard, stable without traces of release agents and dust. Mortar and concrete walls.
  • Supports and compromised applications such as old stoneware flooring, underfloor heating, old terrazzo and plasterboard.

Recommendations for use are based on our knowledge and experience. The technical data has been obtained under normal laboratory conditions, and may vary depending on the installation conditions. Given the application conditions are not controllable by us, the information on this sheet does not imply company responsibility.


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