100% solids-based epoxy resin for surfacing and paving
• Usable for painting, self-levelling or multilayer
• High resistance to chemical agents

AplicaFLOOR EP is a dual-component, pigmented, fluid, glossy, epoxy-based coating with high chemical and mechanical resistance that forms a continuous, aromatic coating. For coating and cladding of surfaces for pedestrian and vehicular traffic as well as for industrial uses.


Epoxy resin for the following uses:
• Floor coverings for garages, car parks, high-traffic areas and commercial areas.
• Floors with high decontamination and cleaning requirements, e.g. in the chemical and food industries.
As protection against spills of liquids and aggressive chemicals (storage tanks).
NOTE: consult our technical department for application on other types of substrates or settings.


Metal containers in the following format: COMPONENT A: 20.60 kg + COMPONENT B: 4.40 kg.


The shelf life of both components is 12 months stored at a temperature between 5 oC to 35 oC in dry locations. Once opened, the drum must be used.

Handling and transport

These safety recommendations during handling are necessary during the execution process, as well as in the processes before and after the execution in situations of exposure to machinery under load.
• Skin Protection: Wear rubber gloves. Remove immediately after contamination. Wear clean clothes that cover the whole body. Wash thoroughly with soap and water after work and before eating, drinking or smoking. Contaminated clothing should be washed and/or dry-cleaned.
• Eye/face protection: Safety glasses must be worn to avoid splashes.
• Waste: Waste generation must be avoided or minimised. Incinerate under controlled conditions in accordance with local and national laws and regulations.
In any case, consult the existing safety data sheets of the product.


The recommendations for use are based on our knowledge and experience. The technical data have been obtained under normal laboratory conditions and may vary depending on the conditions of installation. As the conditions of application are beyond our control, the information in this sheet does not imply any liability on the part of the company.



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