aplicaTec Cosmético Claro R2 PCC


Single-component mortar made of pale color cements, siliceous aggregates and synthetic resins.
CE mark R2 class for PCC according to UNE EN 1504-3
(Products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures.)

aplicaTec Cosmetico Claro R2 PCC
aplicaTec Cosmético Claro R2 PCC
Instructions for use

1 Gradually mix the mortar with water (5,5 litres per 25 kg sack).

2 Mix mechanically with clean water for 2-3 minutes at low rpm until you obtain a smooth, lump-free paste.

3 Apply the product by using a trowel or a blade.

Warnings and recommendations

• Do not apply the product at temperatures below 5oC or above 35oC.
• Do not apply when frost or rain are forecasted.
• Absorbent surfaces should be saturated with water
before the product is applied. Make sure that no
puddles form on the surface.
• This product is ready to mix with water. Do not add
any kind of additional substance which may alter its
• In unfavourable conditions (low relative humidity, wind,
sun, etc.), the surfaces must be cured for at least 24
hours after the product has been applied.
• Do not apply to trafficked surfaces.
• We recommend wearing rubber gloves when handling
this cement-like product.
• All tools must be washed immediately after use. If
the product is allowed to dry, it will only be possible to remove it by mechanical means.

Technical features

  • Color claro similar al del hormigón.
  • Superficie muy lisa.
  • Excelente adherencia sin el uso de imprimación.
  • Espesores hasta de 5 mm.
  • Retracción compensada para evitar fisuración.
  • Tixotrópico.
  • Baja permeabilidad al agua.
  • Permeable al vapor de agua.
  • Exento de cloruros.
  • Bajo contenido en cromato.
  • Resistente a la carbonatación.
System structure

aplicaTec Cosmético Claro PCC is part of a repair system comprising:
• aplicaTec Armaduras: Anti-corrosion primer.
• aplicaTec Reparación R4 PCC / aplicaTec Reparación Fluido R4 PCC: Structural repair mortar.
• aplicaTec Reparación Fino R3 PCC / aplicaTec Cosmético Claro R2 PCC: Levelling mortars and pore sealant

Available formats

aplicaTec Cosmético Claro R2 PCC is available in 25 kg paper sacks with moisture- proof plastic lining, dispatched on shrink-wrapped pallets weighing a total
of 1,000 kg (40 sacks).
Storage: up to 12 months after manufacturing date in suitable temperature and humidity conditions.

Application surfaces

• The surfaces on which the product is applied must be clean, sound and free from oils, grease, paint, dust, cement grouts, etc.
• Absorbent surfaces should be saturated with water before the product is applied. Make sure that no puddles form on the surface. Apply the product when acquiring matt surfaces.


• Cosmetic and surface repair of precast parts.
• Repair of concrete surface grout’s detachment while
removing formwork.
• Surface and leveling repair of damaged concrete surfaces in
structures, pillars, façades, etc.
• Repair of edges and small cracks.
• Sealing of pores on concrete and mortar application surfaces, filling gaps, gravel nest, etc.
• Fine rendering on concrete and mortar.
• For indoor and outdoor use.
• Suitable for both horizontal and vertical surfaces.
• Suitable for repair work according to principle 3, method 3.1 and 3.3 and for preservation or restoration work of passivation according to principle 7, method 7.1 of the UNE-EN 1504-9.


Las recomendaciones de uso están basadas en nuestro conocimiento y experiencia. Los datos técnicos se han obtenido en condiciones normales de laboratorio, pudiendo variar en función de las condiciones de puesta en obra. Dado que las condiciones de aplicación no son controlables por nuestra parte, la información de esta ficha no implica responsabilidad de la empresa.


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