Aplicatec Repar R R3 PCC

Mortar for structural repair of fast forging, single-component and without retraction.

CE marking as class R3 PCC according to EN 1504-3 (Products for the protection and repair of concrete structures).

Aplicatec Repar R
How to use

1. Knead with a mechanical mixer at low
revolutions gradually adding 5 liters of clean water per 25 kg bag. for a period of 2 minutes.
2. Manually apply the product on the previously conditioned surface.
3. Fill the entire gap by applying the product in successive, well-compacted layers.
4. Proceed to its completion with a trowel, sponge or using the same application
5. As soon as the product loses its workability, stop using it and prepare a new
material for its application.

Precautions and recommendations

• Do not apply the product at temperatures below 5oC or above 35oC.
• Do not apply with forecast of rain or frost.
• The absorbent supports will become wet to saturation but without puddling.
• This product is ready to mix with water, do not add any kind of additive that could
alter its properties.
• Under unfavorable conditions (low relative humidity, wind, sun, etc.) curing is
essential for at least 24 hours after application.
• As it is a cementitious product, the use of rubber gloves is recommended.
• The tools and supplies will be cleaned with water immediately after use, if the
product hardens they can only be removed by mechanical means.
• Conservation: 12 months from the date of manufacture of the product in adequate
conditions of temperature and humidity.

System structure

Aplicatec Repar R is part of the repair system that includes:

• Aplicatec Armaduras: anti-corrosion primer.
• Aplicatec Reparación Epoxi 190: epoxy-based adherent primer.
• Gama Aplicatec Reparación R4 PCC: mortars for structural and non-structural repair.
• Aplicatec Reparación Fino R3 PCC: structural and non-structural repair mortar, with sulphide-resistant properties, indicated for fine finishing.
• Aplicatec Reparación Cosmético Claro R2 PCC: mortar for non-structural repair as a leveler and pore sealer.
• Aplicatec Reparación Steel: electro-welded metal mesh for structural reinforcement.


Aplicatec Repar R is presented in 25 kg paper bags with anti-humidity plastic sheet on 1.000 kg pallets (40 bags).


The surface will be sanitized by manual or mechanical means until the deteriorated concrete is eliminated. The surfaces must be firm, healthy, clean, free of oil, grease, paint, dust, cement laitance, etc. The absorbent surfaces will be previously moistened with water until saturation but without stagnation, the mortar will be applied when the surfaces acquire a matt colour. Surfaces such as concrete, cement plaster, brick and concrete blocks must have adequate cohesion for the product.


Surface repairs of structural and non-structural concrete. Filled with coqueras. Repairs to cornices, slab edges and balconies. Realization of half reeds. Fixings for window frames and pre-frames. Fine plaster on concrete and mortar. Suitable for repair work, according to principle 3, method 3.1 and 3.3 of the UNE-1504-9 standard and for structural reinforcement work, according to principle 4, method 4.4 of the UNE-1504-9 standard.


The recommendations for use are based on our knowledge and experience. The technical data have been obtained under normal laboratory conditions, and may vary depending on the conditions of use. Since the application conditions are not controllable on our part, the information on this sheet does not imply responsibility of the company.


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