AplicaTec Reparación R4 PCC

CE mark R4 class for PCC in accordance with EN-1504-3 (Products for the protection and repair of concrete structures).
Fibre-reinforced single-component mortar made of cement, siliceous aggregate and synthetic resins.

AplicaTec Reparacion R4 PCC
AplicaTec Reparación R4 PCC
Instructions for use

1. Gradually mix the mortar with water (3,5 - 4 litres per 25 kg sack).
2. Mix mechanically with clean water at low rpm until you obtain a smooth, lump-free paste.

Warnings and recommendations

• Do not apply the product at temperatures below 5°C or above 35°C.
• Do not apply when frost or rain are forecasted.
• Absorbent surfaces should be saturated with water
before the product is applied. Make sure that no puddles form on the surface.
• This product is ready to mix with water. Do not add any kind of additional substance which may alter its properties.
• In unfavourable conditions, the surface must be cured for at least 24 hours after the product has been applied.
• We recommend wearing rubber gloves when handling this cement-like product.
• All tools must be washed immediately after use. If the product is allowed to dry, it will only be possible to remove it by mechanical means.

Technical features


aplicaTec Reparación R4 PCC is available in 25 kg paper sacks with moisture- proof plastic lining, dispatched on shrink-wrapped pallets weighing a total of 1,000 kg (40 sacks).
Storage: up to 12 months after manufacturing date in suitable temperature and humidity conditions.

Application surfaces

• The application surface must be prepared before application using manual or mechanical means to remove all the deteriorated concrete.

•The surfaces on which the product is applied must be clean, sound and free from oils, grease, paint, dust, cement grouts, etc.

• Metal elements such as reinforcement bars must be free from rust.


• Réparation de l’intégrité structurelle du béton armé.
• Remplissages de cavités, fissures, écailles, arêtes de piliers…
• Régularisation de surfaces en béton ou mortier.
• Jointoiement de préfabriqués.


The recommendations for use are based on our own knowledge and experience. The technical data provided have been obtained under normal laboratory conditions, and may therefore vary according to the environmental conditions in the place where the product is used. As the application conditions are beyond our control, the information provided here does not imply that the company accepts responsibility for any variations.


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