aplicaTec Reparación R4 SR PCC


Marked as CE class R4 for PCC according to EN-1504-3 (Products for the protection and repair of concrete structures)

aplicaTec Reparacion R4 SR PCC
aplicaTec Reparación R4 SR PCC
Instructions for use

  • Gradually add the mortar to the mixing water (3.5 litres per 25 Kg sack).
  • Mechanicaly mix at low revs with clean water until it becomes a completely uniform mixture with no lumps.

• Repair of the structural integrity of reinforced concrete.
• Useful for repairing maritime structures and foundationsofgypsiferous
• Filling cracks, flakes, slab edges ...
• Levelling concrete or mortar surfaces
• Grout work on prefabs
• Suitable for repair jobs according to principle 3, method 3.1and3.3, for structural reinforcement jobs according to principle 4, method 4.4 and for conservation or passivate restoration jobs according to principle 7, method 7.1 of the standard UNE-EN 04-9

Precautions and recommendations

• Do not use the product at temperatures below 5oC or above 35oC
• Do not apply when rain or frost is forecast
• Absorbent bases will be dampened until saturation but without causing waterlogging
• This product is ready to be mixed with water, do not add any kind of additive that may alter its properties.
• Never add water to mortar that may have lost its working capacity as it will lose its properties.
• In unfavourable conditions curing is essential for at least 24 hours after using.
• As it is a cement based product, it is advisable to use rubber gloves
• The tools and supplies must be cleaned with water immediately after using, if the product hardens they can only be eliminated mechanically


• High initial and end mechanical resistance. • Sulphur-resistant
• Contains corrosion inhibitors
• High elasticity modulus for transferring loads • Shrinkage-compensating
• Carbonation-resistant
• Free from chlorides
• Low chromate content
• High adherence with no need to prime • Very low water permeability
• Water vapour permeable
• Ready-to-paint surface
• Suitable for both vertical and horizontal surfaces • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
• A1 reaction to fire


aplicaTec Reparación R4 SR PCC is sold in 25 kg paper sacks with plastic -anti humidity sheet, in pellets of 1000 Kg (40 sacks). Storage: 12 months from the manufacturing date of the products in suitable conditions of temperature and humidity.

Aplication surfaces

• The base will be cleaned manually or mechanically until eliminating the damaged concrete.
• The bases must be clean, in good condition, free of oils, greases, paints, dust, cement grouts, etc.
• Metallic elements such as reinforcements will be rust-free.
• Eliminate concrete from the back of the reinforcements
• Cut the end of the repair area in order to ensure a minimum thickness application of 5mm
•Absorbent bases will be dampened until saturation but without causing waterlogging


Usage recommendations are based on our knowledge and experience. Technical data has been obtained under normal laboratory conditions, which may vary depending on the work conditions. As the usage conditions are not controllable on our part, the information on this sheet does not imply the company’s responsibility.


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