Capa Brick Rapid

Product made of high-strength white cement, micronized aggregates and additives that improve the bonding and plasticity. Specially developed for laying large size bricks, with resistance to humidity. Resistant to the aggression of metallic elements. Does not contain plaster and supports the use of adhesive cements that do not contain special additives for laying on plaster.

Fast adhesive for laying and fixing og large format brick.

Capa Brick Rapid
Capa Brick Rapid
Instructions for use

  1. Mix mechanically at low revs with clean water (5.9-6.3 l/sack), until it becomes a thick and uniform paste with no lumps.
  2. Leave to stand for 5 minutes before using.
  3. Put the necessary amount onto the slots and string line to keep them level by limiting the quantity of the rest that exudes from the seals. The piece must be pressed sideways against another to allow for the right permeation of the mixture into the vertical alveoli and a correct interlocking of the pieces.
  4. Wash the seals.
Warnings and recommendations
  • You must not permeate the floor with the adhesive paste, the partition must be separate in
    order to prevent the floor structure deformations from coming through. Use the
    fastening bolt with care.
  • Do not use the product in temperatures lower than 5ºC or above 35ºC. Do not use when frost is forecast.
  • The hardening speed may vary according to environmental conditions.
  • Avoid direct sunlight upon applying the product or when using the thermal support, for which it is recommended to dampen the bricks with enough time before using them so that the surface gloss has disappeared.
  • Follow the required amount of mixing water.
  • This a product that is ready to be mixed with water, do not add any kind of additive that may alter its properties.
  • Use it within a year of its date of packaging and store in a covered and dry place in its original sealed packaging, away from damp.
Technical Features

Available Formats

Capa Brick Rapid is sold in 18 kg paper sacks with a plastic sheet. Packed in pellets of 1,008 kg. (56 sacks)

  • For laying large size ceramic pieces in the construction of non-load bearing interior partitions and plasterboard facades.
  • Especially fast at the junction of the partition at the top and placement of the first row.

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