Capa Imper Elastic


• Mono-component, flexible membrane.
• For interior and exterior use.
• Suitable for horizontal, vertical and sloped surfaces.
• Aqueous dispersion resins.

CAPA IMPER ELASTIC, is a mono-component, sky-blue ready to use paste; it is made from synthetic resins in aqueous dispersion; is totally free of solvents; and is quick-drying.

Capa Imper Elastic
Capa Imper Elastic
Instructions for use

  • The surface to be painted should be clean, dry and free of grease or dirt.
    The product can be applied using a paintbrush, roller (long hair, hard hair) or metallic trowel.
  • Always apply the product in two thin coats.
  • To generate a continuous, waterproof and resistant film, the product should have a minimum thickness of some 0.8mm.
  • The second coat should be applied about 50-60 min after application or when it is dry to the touch.
  • The product can be covered with tiles 4 hours after the second coat has been applied. This time may vary depending on the surface and on environmental conditions during application.

CAPA IMPER ELASTIC, is recommended as a waterproofing membrane for the following surfaces: existing ceramic tiling, tiles or stone material; cement or special binder-based mortars; focused and prefabricated gypsum and anhydrite; plasterboard panels; concrete and fibrocement; masonry made of natural or artificial stone.


CAPA IMPER ELASTIC is sold in 5 kg containers, pallets of 200 kg (40 units).


CAPA IMPER ELASTIC, is a waterproof membrane which has the following advantages:
• Ready to use product.
• Resistant to alkalis and hard water.
• Highly elastic.
• Generates a highly elastic membrane.
• Quick drying.


CAPA IMPER ELASTIC, is recommended for waterproofing balconies, terraces, baths and showers, saunas, swimming pools, and damp environments in general. The approximate product consumption is between 0.95-1.00 kg / m2 in applications with 2 coats. This consumption may vary depending on the porousness of the surface.


The recommendations for use are based on our knowledge and experience. The technical data has been obtained under normal laboratory conditions, and can vary according to working conditions. Since the application conditions are not controllable on our part, the information on this form does not imply liability on the part of the company.


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