Capa Proyectable TX Descontaminante

Capa Proyectable TX Descontaminante is made with photocatalytic white, grey cement, lime, selected aggregates of controlled grain size, inorganic pigments, and additives which improve the product’s workability, adhesive bond, plasticity and waterproof. Specially formulated to be applied by spray machine.

Waterproof rendering with depolluting capacity. White, grey or pigmented. For outdoor use. GP CS III W2 and CR CS III W2 in accordance with Standard UNE EN 998-1.

Capa Proyectable TX Descontaminante
Capa Proyectable TX Descontaminante
Instructions for use

    1. Apply preferably by using a spray machine.
    2. Use of 4.7-5 liters of clean water by adjusting the relationship until you obtain smooth, lump free-paste of the required consistency.
    3. Spread evenly over the surface with an average thickness of 15 mm.
    4. After 30 minutes approximately (depending on environmental conditions), smooth with a plastic or wood handle grout float.
Warnings and recommendations
  • Do not cover the surface of photocatalytic cement mortars, as it could affect its decontamination properties. Do not apply onto plaster surfaces.
  • Do not apply this product when frost or rain are forecasted.
  • Do not apply at temperatures below 5 ºC or above 35 ºC.
  • Apply two coats for thicknesses greater than 20 mm, up to a maximum thickness of 30 mm; waiting for the first coat has hardened enough.
  • It is advisable to moisten absorbent or very hot surfaces before applying the product and 24 hours afterwards in order to prevent the mortar from becoming overly dry or less strong.
  • Do not apply onto water repellent surfaces.
  • Use aplicaRev Fix as an adhesive bridge on concrete and on smooth or non porous surfaces.
  • This product is ready to mix with water. Do not add any kind of additional substance which may alter its properties.
  • Use within 1 year of date of packaging. Store the product in its original packaging in a dry, covered place protected from humidity.
Technical Features

Available Formats

Capa Proyectable TX Descontaminante is available in 25 kg paper sacks with moisture-proof plastic lining, dispatched on shrink-wrapped pallets weighing a total of 1,000 kg (40 sacks).

Application Surfaces
  • The surfaces must be rough, hard, stable, clean, and free from dust, pain and release agents.
  • Check that the application surface is suitably flat, that there are not disintegrating parts. If required, fix the surface 24 hours beforehand, filling in any holes with the same material.
  • Brickwork, concrete blocks, rough M-7.5 mortar renderings and concrete.

Photocatalytic cements in the presence of natural light transform permanently air pollutant substances into gases or salts that have no impact on the environment and on people’s health. By action of the photocatalytic effect, gaseous pollutants are trapped on the surface of photocatalytic cement mortars. Thereafter, oxidation-reduction reactions become harmful gaseous substances, eliminating air pollution agents.

Depolluting mortar, produced from photocatalytic cements can reduce by 20% and 80%, depending on weather conditions and light, harmful substances produced by human activity such as nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur oxides (SOx), NHX (gas), volatile organic compounds or VOCs (benzene, toluene…), fine particulate (PM10, PM2,5) and other… Capa Proyectable TX Descontaminante has been designed specifically for the performance of façade finishes, able to actively contribute to reducing air pollution.


The recommendations for use are based on our own knowledge and experience. The technical data provided have been obtained under normal laboratory conditions, and may therefore vary according to the environmental conditions in the place where the product is use. As the applications are beyond our control, the information provided here does not imply that the company accepts responsibility for any variations.


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