Capafloor EP W

Water-based epoxy resin system for coating and paving

• Usable for painting, self- levelling or multilayer
• Solvent and odour free
• High resistance to chemical agent

CAPAFLOOR EP W is a dual-component, pigmented, flowable and water-based epoxy coating that forms a continuous, aromatic coating. It has medium chemical and mechanical resistance and is suitable as a finish for industrial flooring and road traffic.
It has been certified for migration to drinking water and food contact (EN 1186-1:2002, EN 1186-3:2002, EN 1186-14:2003), and has been awarded the European standard for the protection of structural
concrete (EN1504-2:2005).

Capafloor EP W

Epoxy resin for the following uses:
• Finishing of concrete floors in workshops, garages and warehouses with medium mechanical stress.
• Protection against spills of liquids and aggressive chemicals.
• Finishing of garage floors.
• Applicable on concrete substrates in general (interior areas)


Metal containers in the following format: COMPONENT A: 20.00 kg + COMPONENT B: 5.00 kg.


The shelf life of both components is 24 months stored at a temperature between 5 oC to 35 oC in dry locations. Once opened, the drum must be used.

General characteristics

• Excellent adhesion and high hiding power. Breathable (permeable to water vapour).
• Solvent-free, odourless. Do not add solvents to the mixture. Resistant to chemical agents.
• Easy cleaning with water (in fresh state). Satin-gloss finish.
• We strongly recommend applying product with matching manufacturing batch numbers in each area. In this way a uniformly blended colour is achieved. • Water can be added to improve the workability of the mixture, although in a maximum proportion of 5-10%.
• Both the temperature of the substrate and the ambient temperature must be at least 3 oC higher than the dew point at the time of application.
This reduces the risk of condensation.
• After 7 days the material will be fully cured. Until then, it must be protected from direct contact with water or other reagents.
• The application of CAPAFLOOR EP W must be carried out in conditions where there is no moisture or water coming from the substrate, either at the time of application or afterwards (water table pressure.)
• In the case of existing moisture in the substrate at the time of application, consult the technical data sheets of our primers where the maximum moisture ranges are specified.
• Do not apply where it will be exposed to external UV rays, since it is an epoxy material and its initial colour will shift to yellow.
• Do not under any circumstances apply to substrates treated with high alkalinity products.
• It is necessary to ensure effective ventilation of the treated area to aid the curing of CAPAFLOOR EP W and avoid changes of tonality in the
• After 7 days the material will be fully cured. Until then, it must be protected from direct contact with water or other reagents.
• Certification for use in contact with drinking water (RD140-2003), and contact with food (EN1186-1:2002,EN1186-3:2002,EN1186-14:2003), as well as certification for protection of structural concrete (EN 1504-2:2005).


The recommendations for use are based on our knowledge and experience. The technical data have been obtained under normal laboratory conditions and may vary depending on the conditions of installation. As the conditions of application are beyond our control, the information in this sheet does not imply any liability on the part of the company.


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