Capagel Flex Color 0-5

Capagel flex color 0-5 is a gel grout, whose benefits are those of a cement-based tile grout classified according to UNE EN 13888 as CG2 WA.
High color strength and resistance. Great waterproofing power. Easy to apply and clean. Besides, the “stop powder” ensures the health at work by reducing around 95% the air-suspended powder emission. It comes in a range of 30 colors. It is an antibacterial tile grout and a natural fungicide. Eco-friendly and recyclable. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, in swimming pools, glass mosaic “Gresitte”. Very low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC). Its special composition allows you to obtain a higher product yield, by consuming less kg per m2 of application.
Capagel Flex Color 0-5
Instructions for use

  1. Mix mechanically with clean water until you obtain a smooth paste of the required consistency.
  2. Check that joints are clean and free from any dust or adhesive. Leave to stand for 2 – 5 minutes before applying.
  3. Moisten the application surface if weather conditions require it.
  4. Apply with a rubber trowel in a diagonal direction to completely fill the joint. Remove immediately most of the remaining grout leaving only a thin film on the tile.
  5. Carry out the finishing process once the top of the mortar has started to harden.
    Start cleaning work as soon as the grout has thickened.
  6. For the final cleaning, use a dampened sponge with clean water, thick enough and large dimensions to avoid  undermining the joints.
Warnings and Recommendations
  • Do not apply when frost or rain are forecasted.
  • Do not apply at temperatures below 5°C or above 35°C.
  • In extreme weather conditions (strong winds or high temperatures), drying is faster than usual, causing a reduction in the open time of the application.
  • In high temperatures , windy conditions or if the application is very absorbent, it is advisable to moisten the surface and wait for the film of water to disappear before applying the product.
  • Check the suitability of the product depending on the type of water and the intended physical or chemical treatment.
  • Grouting on still damp surfaces can cause variations in the joints.
  • Clean the joint placed by using a dampened sponge in order to hydrate it.
  • Retouch the product several times with a trowel for a good penetration.
  • Do not use in joints exceeding 5 mm width in floors or
  • walls where specifical chemical resistance and no water absorption are required. For filling elastic expansion joints, in high deformable application surfaces that are not fully dry and subject to capillary lifts.
  • Protect the product from direct rain and sunlight for at least 12h after application.
  • Use within 1 year of date of packaging. Store the product in its original packaging in a dry, covered place protected from humidity.
Technical Features

Available Formats

Capagel Flex Color 0-5 is available in 5 kg plastic bags in boxes of 20 kg, dispatched on shrink wrappingpallets weighing a total of 800 kg (40 boxes).

  • Mortar render with GEL technology for decorative finishes and facade refurbishment. Water-proof coating with different finishes.

The recommendations for use are based on our knowledge and experience. The technical data provided have been obtained under normal laboratory conditions, and may therefore vary according to the environmental conditions in the place where the product is used. As the application conditions ar e beyond our control, the information provided here does not imply that the company accepts r esponsibility for any variations.


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