Capaproof Imper Flex Premium


Single-component flexible waterproofing mortar based on special cements, aggregates of controlled granulometry, synthetic resins and organic and inorganic additives.

Capaproof Imper Flex Premium
How to use

    1. 1. Gradually add mains water between 28%-29% of the weight of the bag. Next, add the dry product gradually until the desired consistency is achieved.
    1. 2. Mechanically knead at low revolutions until a completely homogeneous dough without lumps is obtained.
    1. 3. The application can be carried out using a trowel, brush, long-haired roller or by projection.
    1. 4. CapaPROOF Imper Flex Premium can be installed with or without mesh. The union between fiberglass meshes will be made by overlapping about 3-4 cm. The mesh must be completely covered.
    1. 5. To waterproof, always apply in two coats with a total minimum thickness of 2 mm.
    1. 6. Apply the second coat in a perpendicular direction once the first coat has hardened (5 hours at 20°C).
    1. 7. Wait a minimum curing time of 7 days before being covered by paint or before coming into contact with water.
    1. 8. The finish can be done by troweling.
Precautions and recommendations

• No aplicar el producto con temperaturas inferiores a 5° ni superiores a 35°C
• No aplicar con previsión de lluvias o heladas
• Nunca añadir agua sobre el mortero que haya perdido su trabajabilidad pues se perderían sus propiedades.
• No es un revestimiento transitable
• Evite la acción directa del sol y/o viento
• Con lluvia o tiempo húmedo pueden aparecer eflorescencias, esto no afecta a la calidad del producto
• CapaPROOF Imper Flex Premium puede ser pintado con pinturas basedisolvente. El tiempo de curado para la aplicación de una pinturaes de 7 días
• Al ser un producto cementoso, se recomienda el uso de guantes de goma
• Las herramientas y útiles se limpiaran con agua inmediatamente después de su empleo, si el producto endurece solo podrán ser eliminados por medios mecánicos


CapaPROOF Imper Flex Premium is presented in BOPP bags, 20kg and 800kg pallets. The material can be used for 12 months from the date of manufacture of the product in suitable conditions of temperature and humidity.


• Flexible waterproofing of concrete structures, mortar, block, brick... • Waterproof sealing of supports prior to laying ceramic tiles or natural stone.
• Waterproofing and surface protection coatings that require flexibility due to the risk of small fissures appearing.
• Waterproofing of deposits, swimming pools and canals.
• Waterproofing of balconies and terraces
• Waterproofing of foundations, pits, slabs, exterior walls, elevator shafts, tunnels, etc.
• Waterproofing of basements, underground car parks.
• Protection of surfaces exposed to ice and de-icing salts
• Protection of concrete structures in marine environments.
• Approved for contact with drinking water according to Royal Decree 140/2003.
• Manufactured with raw materials included in the positive lists of substances allowed for the manufacture of plastic materials and objects intended to come into contact with drinking water (RD 118/2003 BOE of 02/11/03).


Recommendations for use are based on our knowledge and experience. The technical data have been obtained under normal laboratory conditions, and may vary depending on the installation conditions. Since the application conditions are not controllable by us, the information on this sheet does not imply responsibility of the company.


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