Capaproof PLASTIC

Plastic loads for anti-slip finish

• Suitable for creating slip- resistant surfaces in a quick and easy way

CAPAPROOF PLASTIC is a type of micronised plastic (polyamide) specially selected to texturise finishing resins, and in this way, to obtain surfaces and floor coverings with anti-skid finish, especially in situations of vehicular traffic.

Capaproof PLASTIC

These are the main uses:
For mixing with CAPAPROOF COAT 2K, CAPAPROOF COAT 2K POOL, CAPAPROOF COAT 1K polyurethane resins to achieve a high level of roughness (depending on the mixing ratio), and high resistance to mechanical abrasion.
NOTE: consult our technical department for application on other types of substrates or settings.


2 kg. metal drums.

General characteristics

• CAPAPROOF PLASTIC is a powder for surface texturing. The nature and degree of texturing depends on the thickness, or the final need of the indicated use.
• Mix with the CAPAPROOF COAT range of aliphatic resins. • It is specially designed for road traffic applications, due
to its high resistance to mechanical abrasion
• Conforms to CTE DB SUA1 (Slipperiness of floors), up to a classification of CLASS 3 (Rd>45), ENV 12633:2003, according to its dosage (consult our technical department).
• Depending on the formulation, CAPAPROOF PLASTIC
may settle in storage. Use an anti-settling agent if
• Thermal stability is influenced by the exposure time and
the binder used. It should be tested in exposures with temperatures above 140 oC.
• CAPAPROOF PLASTIC can be used in solvent or non- solvent based coatings, as well as in water based systems.
• The areas of application can be both decorative and anti-slip surfaces. CAPAPROOF PLASTIC is resistant to most solvents, but this fact must be verified from the coating formulation.


The shelf life of both components is 24 months stored at a temperature between 5 oC to 35 oC in dry locations.


The recommendations for use are based on our knowledge and experience. The technical data have been obtained under normal laboratory conditions and may vary depending on the conditions of installation. As the conditions of application are beyond our control, the information in this sheet does not imply any liability on the part of the company.


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