Capaproof PRIMER PU


• Especially suitable for porous substrates

CAPAPROOF PRIMER PU is a dual-component, low viscosity, 100% solids-based polyurethane resin. It is specially designed to increase the adhesion of waterproofing systems and improve the flatness of rough substrates such as structural concrete or mortars in applications of waterproofing and floor coating systems such as CAPAPROOF PUA, CAPAPROOF PU , CAPAPROOF COAT and CAPAFLOOR.

Capaproof PRIMER PU

Polyurethane resin for these uses:

It is specially designed to increase the adherence and improve the flatness of substrates where CAPAPROOF PUA, CAPAPROOF PU , CAPAPROOF COAT and CAPAFLOOR waterproofing and protection systems are to be applied.
To be applied mainly on porous substrates such as concrete and mortar.

Note: consult our technical department for application on other types of substrates or settings

General characteristics

It is a primer mixture of two 100% solids-based polyurethane- based products (zero VOC). It requires the surface to be smooth, clean, dry and as hard as possible.
• Applicable on porous substrates: concrete, mortars. • Excellent adherence on weak substrates. No dilution is required in any case.
• Its consumption depends on the situation of the substrate, its absorption coefficient, its irregularities or the level of planimetry; it can vary between 150-300 g/m2 in several layers.
• It is recommended that it be applied by roller or
brush. If using electrical equipment, take into account
its initial usage time.
• Do not apply on substrates with humidity or existing water coming from the inside of the substrate (water pressure due to water table, condensation, filtration, etc.) • May be applied in combination with mineral fillers (silica aggregate) on very irregular substrates.


Kit includes metal containers with 5 kg of each component.


12 months at a temperature of 5 oC to 35 oC, always stored in dry places. If the container is opened it should be used immediately


The recommendations for use are based on our knowledge and experience. The technical data have been obtained under normal laboratory conditions and may vary depending on the conditions of installation. As the conditions of application are beyond our control, the information in this sheet does not imply any liability on the part of the company.


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