Caparev Cal Nature Plus


LIME BASED white and gray waterproof rendering and finishing mortar
for fine finishing of focused walls. For indoor and outdoor use. GP-CS III – W2 according to UNE EN 998-1.

Caparev Cal Nature Plus
How to use

1. Check the suitability of the supports.
2. Pre-wet the surfaces.
3. Use 3.8-4.0 l/bag of clean water with an electric mixer at low speed until a homogeneous mass is obtained without lumps and with the desired consistency.
4. Let the dough rest for 2 min. and re-knead beforer. applying.
5. Extend on the work supports in thicknesses of 5-15 mm per application layer.
6. Once hardening has begun, trowel with a wooden or plastic trowel.
7. At 24 h. moisten the mortar.

Precauciones y recomendaciones

• Do not apply on plaster or paint.
• Do not apply with risk of frost or rainy weather.
• Do not apply at temperatures below 5° C or above 35° C.
• Do not apply on supports with superficial, smooth or non-porous water repellents. non-porous water repellents.
• On absorbent or very hot surfaces, it is recommended to moisten them beforehand and after 24 hours, to avoid excessive drying of the mortar and loss of resistance.
• On concrete and smooth or non-porous supports, use Aplicarev Fix as a bonding bridge.
• This is a product ready to mix with water, do not add any kind of additive that could alter its properties.
• For applications with a minimum thickness of 5 mm, it will be necessary to apply a previous mortar in a minimum thickness of 10 mm.
• For thicknesses of 15 mm and greater up to a total of 20 mm per layer, it must be applied in successive layers allowing a time of 3-4 hours to pass per layer.
• Use it within 1 year from its packaging date and store in a covered and dry place in its original closed container, sheltered from moisture.


Caparev Cal Nature Plus is presented in 25 kg paper bags with anti-humidity plastic film on shrink-wrapped pallets of 1,000 kg (40 bags) and 1,600 kg (64 bags).


The supports must be rough, hard, stable, clean, free of dust, paint and release agents. As well as any agent that prevents proper adherence. Check the flatness as well as that there are no detachable parts in the support and, if necessary, clean it 24 hours before filling with the same material. Always apply on a base mortar.


The recommendations for use are based on our knowledge and experience. The technical data have been obtained under normal laboratory conditions, and may vary depending on the conditions of use. Since the application conditions are not controllable on our part, the information on this sheet does not imply responsibility of the company.


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