100% solids-based epoxy resin with fillers

Water-based epoxy resin primer

100% solids-based epoxy resin for substrates with high levels of humidity

Membrana de poliurea para impermeabilización y recubrimiento

100% solids-based polyurethane resin as a primer

Single-component, aliphatic resin suitable for UV protection

Dual-component polyurethane resin, aliphatic, suitable for floor coverings and resistant to UV radiation

Dual-component aliphatic polyurethane resin suitable for full immersion in water and UV protection

Butyl self-adhesive geotextile tape

Polyurethane putty

Additive for single layer application of CAPAPROOF PU membrane

High performance thixotropic additive for CAPAPROOF PU membrane

Plastic loads for anti-slip finish

Fibreglass mesh

Special solvent for dilution or cleaning

Hi-Tech transparent aliphatic coating of high quality and maximum resistance and durability

Transparent aliphatic coating, water-based, with very high mechanical performance