Capa Hormigón Seco H-25

Dry Concrete H-25.
Ideal for construction work in general.
Endurance> 25N / mm2.

Capa Hormigón Seco H-25
Instructions for use

  1. Add between 2.5L to 3L of water per sack, 10% in weight
  2. Mix by hand or mechanically in order to obtain a soft consistency (Abrams cone 6-9cm).
  3. You must take into account that increasing the content of water can jeopardize the quality of the concrete.
Warnings and recommendations
  • Remember that the higher the amount of mixing water, the lower the ultimate strength.
  • Minimum application thickness must be 4cm, always allowing for the consolidation of the mixture.
  • Use clean water, free of grease and oils.
  • Do not use water with unknown properties or seawater.
  • Do not use at temperatures below 5ºC or above 35ºC
  • Avoid frost, strong winds, and prolonged exposure to intense sunlight during use. The additions of another material may change the performance and properties of the product.
Technical Features

Available Formats

Hormigón Seco H – 25 is sold in 25 Kg paper sacks with plastic anti-humidity sheet,covered place in pellets of 1,600kg (64 ,sacks).

  • Pavements, foundations, small repairs, wall factory, concrete partitions, curbs, printed, soleras.


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