Hi-Tech transparent aliphatic coating of high quality and maximum resistance and durability

• Transparent
• Aliphatic, non-yellowing
• Special varnish, microcement
• Polyaspartic technology

Aliphatic polyurea resin-based coating, transparent and aliphatic, two-component, fluid, high mechanical resistance, fast drying, manual application, for coating surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. (even with low ambient temperatures).


Resin for the following uses:
• Flooring for garages, car parks, heavy traffic areas and shopping areas.
• Floors with high decontamination and cleaning requirements, chemical and food industry. Roof covering, terraces, balconies.
NOTE: consult our technical department about the application in other types of supports or situations.


Metal packaging kits with the following format: 2.7kg kg (A)+0.3kg (B).

General characteristics

Aliphatic and transparent coating of polyaspartic technology. High uidity that allows an easy and fast application of the product. Application with a short-haired acrylic wool roller Coating of concrete supports, cement for floors, roofs, terraces, balconies...even when exposed to sunlight (aliphatic behavior) Quick start-up of the pavement (approximately 2 hours for pedestrian traffic, and 8~12 hours for light vehicular traffic) Ease of maintenance, cleaning and decontamination. Good adhesion to concrete. The application of CAPAFLOOR VARNISH must be carried out in conditions where there is no moisture or water coming from the support or substrate, either at the time of application or afterwards (pressure due to the water table...) In the case of existing moisture in the support at the time of application , consult the technical sheets of our primers where the maximum humidity ranges are specified. Do not add water in any case. CAPAPROOF SOLVENT (max. 5%) can be added to facilitate its use.


Recommendations for use are based on our knowledge and experience. The technical data have been obtained under normal laboratory conditions, and may vary depending on the installation conditions. Since the application conditions are not controllable by us, the information in this table does not imply responsibility of the company.



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