Dual-component aliphatic polyurethane resin suitable for full immersion in water and UV protection

• Suitable for protecting polyurea and polyurethane membranes from chlorine in swimming pools
• UV ray-resistant
• Specific to saline and marine saline waters

Aliphatic, bi-component, solvent-based, coloured polyurethane resin for coating, decoration and paving, especially for contact with chlorinated, saline or marine waters, total immersion situations, as well as protection of aromatic waterproofing membranes (AplicaPROOF PUA and AplicaPROOF PU) against UV rays. Its use is therefore especially recommended for coating in swimming pools, lakes or aquatic areas in general.


For application in the following situations:
• Final coating for swimming pools, aquariums, ponds with chlorinated, saline or marine saline water, on porous or non- porous substrates.
• Floor coverings adjacent to pedestrian traffic in contact with chlorinated, salinised or marine waters.
• Protection of CAPAPROOF PUA or CAPAPROOF PU membranes against solar rays Coating of flat roofs, sloping roofs, terraces, balconies.


It is presented in kits of 17.2 kg + 2.8 kg metal containers.

General characteristics

• This glossy, coloured or translucent polyurethane resin is completely aliphatic and resists contact with water in swimming pools or aquariums with chlorine or cleaning salt.
• Its colouring, in the case of the translucent version, is achieved during implementation by adding pigments (20% by weight)
• Available in any non-metallic RAL colour (see price list for conditions).
• It forms a continuous coating that is easy to clean and maintain, as well as resistant to algae and fungal growth.
• It can be applied on roofs from zero slope, on various surfaces: concrete, cement, ceramic, membranes CAPAPROOF PUA, CAPAPROOF PU. (to protect them from UV rays).
• The application of CAPAPROOF 2K POOL must be carried out in conditions where there is no resident humidity in the substrate at the time of application or water coming from the surface or substrate (water table pressure, etc.) In the case of existing moisture in the substrate at the time of application, consult the technical data sheets of our primers where the maximum moisture ranges are specified.
• In the case of application in swimming pools, ponds, do not fill the pool with water until 7 days after the application of the last coat of CAPAPROOF 2K POOL, in order to complete the curing process of the product.
• The final product is made by mixing the two components supplied in the kit. If you are only applying some of the product, respect the mixing ratio at all times so that the final product achieves the best product conditions.
• When applied with "airless" equipment it can be diluted up to a maximum of 5% with CAPAPROOF SOLVENT.
• In the case of swimming pools and aquatic areas, addition of cleaning products must be carried out by means of automatic equipment with regulated mixing - never add these products directly to the applied surface of CAPAPROOF 2K POOL.


The consumption of CAPAPROOF 2K POOL varies according to the number of coats to be applied and the type of substrate. After mixing the two components by means of electric equipment at low or medium speed, apply in thin coats by means of a short-nap acrylic wool roller or similar, brush or airless electric equipment; consumption is approximately 150 g/m2/coat, with total consumption of up to 300 g/m2 depending on the final use or type of application. Consult our technical department or the Technical Application Guides of the liquid waterproofing systems.


he recommendations for use are based on our knowledge and experience. The technical data have been obtained under normal laboratory conditions and may vary depending on the conditions
of installation. As the conditions of application are beyond our control, the information in this sheet does not imply any liability on the part of the company.



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