Pure aliphatic polyurea waterproofing coating with ultra-long service life, for cold application.

• Pure aliphatic polyurea
• Trowel or roller application
• 25-year useful life, Category W

Elastomeric, dual-component brushable waterproofing coating composed of pure aliphatic polyurea polyaspartic polyurea, for protection of exposed roofs. It has excellent UV stability, impeccable resistance to water absorption and formidable mechanical properties, thus protecting the substrate for ultra-long periods of time.


• Exposed concrete roofs, hydraulic tiles, cementitious screeds.
• Roofs where extremely high resistance to standing water is required.
• Metal surfaces.
• Directly on new or old liquid waterproofing membranes.
• On PU foam insulation, to protect it
• On mineral bituminous membranes
• On PVC and TPO single-ply membranes
• As a topcoat over hot-sprayed aromatic polyurea.
NOTE: consult our technical department for application on other types of substrates or settings.


Metal containers in kit (A+B) weighing 21 kg and 6 kg.

Certificates and test reports

• Certification according to the European Technical Approval Guideline ETAG 005 (Liquid-Applied Roof Waterproofing Kits).
• EC certification pursuant to ΕΝ1504 -2.
• Certificate of Compliance No. 1922-CPR-0386.
• LEED v4.1 compliant: Sustainable Sites Credit — Reduction
of heat island effect — Option 1 — High-reflectance roof, initial SRI ≥ 82.
• Complies with V.O.C. content requirements according to E.U. Directive 2004/42/EC.

Properties and advantages

• Extreme UV resistance (pure aliphatic).
• Certified cool roofing properties (for white colour tone).
• Impeccable resistance to water absorption (zero absorption).
• Excellent mechanical properties: ideal for weight-bearing roofs.
• Exceptional adhesion to various substrates.
• Remains elastic over a wide temperature range, from -35 °C to +80 °C.
• Blister-free final surface.
• Resistant to early rain 3 hours after application.
• Excellent crack bridging properties.
• Applicable by roller or airless spray gun.
• Long useful life.
• Ultra-long service life assured.


The recommendations for use are based on our knowledge and experience. The technical data have been obtained under normal laboratory conditions and may vary depending on the conditions of installation. As the conditions of application are beyond our control, the information in this sheet does not imply any liability on the part of the company.


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