PS Capapro Refractario

Refractory mortar

Mortar composed of aluminous cement, special aggregates and suitable additives
that allow it to resist high temperatures.

PS Capapro Refractario
How to use

  1. The surfaces must be rough, hard, stable, clean and free of dust, paint residue and release agents..
  2. Knead preferably with an electric mixer at low revolutions, adding water
    until you get a homogeneous dough without lumps and with the desired
  3. Let the dough rest for 2 minutes and re-knead before applying. At 24
    hours, moisten the mortar.
Precautions and recommendations

Do not apply on plaster surfaces.
Do not apply at risk of frost or rain.
Do not apply at temperatures below 5ºC or above 35ºC.
On absorbent or very hot surfaces, it is recommended to moisten them beforehand to avoid excessive drying of the mortar and loss of resistance.
This is a product ready to mix with water, do not add any type of additive that could alter its properties.
Use it within 1 year from its packaging date and store in a covered and dry place in its original closed container, protected from humidity.


PS CapaPRO Refractario is presented in 25 kg paper bags with anti-humidity plastic sheet on 1,600 kg shrink-wrapped pallets (64 bags).


Assembly, grouting and interlocking of brick or refractory pieces. Common jobs where the use of refractory mortar is indicated. Masonry work in contact with aggressive water, with sulfates or acids pH <5.


Recommendations for use are based on our knowledge and experience. The technical data has been obtained under normal laboratory conditions, and may vary depending on the conditions of installation. Since the application conditions are not controllable by us, the information in this sheet does not imply the responsibility of the company.


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